Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Deseret News Letters on Gay Marriage

This letter appeared in the Deseret News recently:

"It baffles me how blatantly hypocritical the conservative movement and many heterosexuals have been throughout the entire gay marriage debate. If this issue were actually about preserving the sanctity of marriage and family, not just a definition in the dictionary, then I say we ban heterosexuals from being able to marry as well.

After all, who are the ones really responsible for the rotting state of the contemporary family? Don't blame me, a gay man prohibited from even having a family of my own, for the destructive threat to your families. Take a good look in the mirror and realize you only have yourselves to thank. Take a good look at your marriages of convenience and painless, here-today-gone-tomorrow divorces, the rampant, sickening incidence of spousal and child abuse and the never-ending cycle of infidelity and deceit that destroy the lives of your children. Where is the real threat here?"

Russ Adamson

I sent my response today:

"Russ Adamson decries the “blatantly hypocritical conservative movement” regarding gay marriage. Thank you Mr. Adamson for reminding us all to reevaluate the state of marriage in this country. It is indeed weaker than in the past. We have not upheld it as we should have. But with all due respect Mr. Adamson, pointing out another’s faults does not hide your own. Allowing gay marriage will not help to solve the problems we face. It will only add to them. History has shown this to be true. Studies by renowned social scientists from our best universities have shown it to be true.

The family is the fundamental unit of society. The ideal family consists of a father and a mother raising children of their own. This ideal may not be attainable in all cases, but we should be moving towards it, not further from it."


Ashlee said...

kudos to you on your letter. After reading his, it made me want to respond as well. I mean, seriously, does he think that just because a person is gay that they are not prone to abusive behavior?

Cameron said...

His was a faulty argument, and I felt I needed to point that out. Just because something is bad, doesn't make something else good.

I agree that marriage and family aren't what they should be. This is an argument I have seen from the pro gay marriage crowd. Many scoff when we talk about the sactity of marriage because they look around and see all of the problems and wonder why we care about gay marriage and not all of these other things. Hopefully the gay marriage debate will make everyone look at marriage and family and realize its importance.