Monday, March 26, 2007

Speak Up And Speak Out: The Portland Protest March

I don't know, Geoffrey, why would veterans groups want to stage a counter-protest?

The Portland Insight had reporters and photographers at the march who verified what went on ("It's all a lie. Period.").

The news outlet wrote an editorial titled, "Rudeness Mars Peace Message".

Rudeness? I don't know about you, but I didn't watch that video and think, golly that was rude.

From the editorial:

This splinter group of protesters showed its support for “peace” by burning a U.S. soldier in effigy. It exhibited its supposedly pacifist nature by knocking a police officer off his bike — an action that brought out the police riot squad.

Perhaps the most disturbing scene of the afternoon, however, involved the man who pulled down his pants in front of women and children and defecated on a burning U.S. flag. This disgusting act actually elicited cheers from some members of the crowd, but we hope that the emotion it produces in the community is one of revulsion.

The editorial claims there were 15,000 protesters in the march. If the people depicted in the editorial and the pictures and the video were just a minority splinter group denounced by the real peace activists, why didn't a single member of that 15,000 strong march speak up?

They were activist enough to speak out about actions taking place halfway around the world, but apparently not activist enough to speak up when the atrocity happens right in front of them.

Hat Tip: The Stupid Shall Be Punished

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