Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day: Poem From Iwo Jima Veteran


At last it's quiet on Iwo,
At last the battle is won,
And we who are left
Say a prayer of thanks,
Because our job is done.

In the shadows of Mount Suribachi,
Where crosses mark our dead,
We read the names of our buddies,
And stand with bended head.

We recall good times together and
The sacrifices shared,
But we can't see why they had to
While the rest of us were spared.

So we say to you, and truly,
Our hearts are filled with pain,
But we know some distant day,
We all shall meet again.

And if one should ask me how I know,
I would just reply,
We all met God on Iwo,
Not just those who had to die.

So to their loved ones back home
Hold up your head with pride,
For they are all true heroes,
These men who fought and died.

And to all mankind throughout our
Let's not forget their pain,
This time let's build a lasting
So their death will not be in vain.

Harry Claassen
Friend of Howard Egan


Anonymous said...

Wow this is a great poem.

kamdenflowers said...

Actually, my grandfather B. E. Flowers wrote this poem. I am not sure why it has a different name attached to it. He was very embarrassed when he found that my grandmother had his poetry published in the paper while he was still overseas. He was a wonderful man and the best grandfather ever. I miss him terribly. He landed on the island a couple of boats into the battle and was there until a few days after it was over, totaling like 36 days. I wanted to give him credit he deserved for his beautiful poem. He wrote many more and I have copies of all of them. I love you grandad! Kamden Flowers

kamdenflowers said...

Actually, my grandfather B.E. Flowers (Gene) wrote this poem. He wrote many others. He was a wonderful grandfather and I miss him terribly. I wanted him to have the credit he deserves for this. It also appears in the Color of War series, as well as several other poems he wrote.

I love you grandad!

Anonymous said...

Kamden, Can you share any information about what part of the military you grandfather was in? I would like to share this information with my mother. My Dad may have known him.