Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jesus the Christ

One of my favorite books is "Jesus the Christ" by James E. Talmage. I recently discovered that the LDS Church has a downloadable audio file of it on their website, so I put it on cd and have been listening to it on my commute each day. The website can be found here, and you can download the entire book at once, or individual chapters. (Two additional notes of interest, has mountains of audio files on its website, including scriptures, the Ensign magazine, General Conference talks, and even hymns. Also, "Jesus the Christ" is in the widget on my sidebar called "random books from my library". Click on the link to see the actual book. I also highly recommend two other books by James Talmage, "Articles of Faith" and "The Great Apostasy".)

I'd been meaning to write this post about my audio file discovery for about a week now, and in the meantime the Church has started a new website called that has some great content. Also, the March edition of the Church's monthly magazine, "The Ensign", is dedicated to articles on the Savior.


J. Doug said...

That is great! I can actually listen to him. I have read Jesus The Christ twice, yet I tried a couple of years ago and fell asleep every time. I'll listen while I run. Thanks!

Cameron said...

They also have the scriptures in other languages, so I'm thinking about downloading some Spanish to listen to as well. I think they've got the Liahona too. I haven't had as much opportunity to speak Spanish the last couple of years and it's starting to deteriorate. I figure this would be an awesome way to keep it up.

George said...

Hablamos Espanol Cameron?

J the C is a masterpiece. I have found Edersheim and Clark useful among the books Brother Talmage consulted.

I am learning Spanish slowly but gave the oracion final en Reunion Sacramental a couple weeks back without notes or help todos en Espanol. I have learned some of the temple ceremonies in Spanish as well and use it twice a month in Bountiful. You should come out either on a 2nd or 4th Saturday of any month, a las siete y media.

Nos vemos!

LaMar! said...

Jesus The Christ is hard to read. I can admit that. Until I found the audio..great work!