Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball is where you pick real players to compile your fantasy team and use their stats to compete against other fantasy teams. I have played fantasy baseball for almost a decade and have always done well, finishing either first or second every year. This year I have two teams I'm managing, so based on a decade of experience I had high expectations for how the year would end up.

So here we are, almost midway through June and my teams are in 6th place (out of 12 teams) and last place (out of 8 teams) respectively.

My sixth place team has been as high as second and as low as last. My pitching is weak, largely because I traded my best pitcher for an outfielder who was supposed to solve my stolen base problems. He's batting .215 and has been on the disabled list for a month. I traded that pitcher because he has a history of injury problems. So of course he's completely healthy now - and the pitcher I kept is hurt.

My offense is little better. I have Big Papi as my DH. He's now on the DL. I already mentioned my base-stealing outfielder. The one silver lining was that I have the best player in the game on my team - Albert Pujols. He hits for power and average, drives in runs, and even steals a few bases. He's a lock for the Hall of Fame. Imagine the sunshine that filled my world when I found out this morning he's headed for the injured list with what could be a year ending leg injury.

This is the sort of thing that happens to other fantasy managers. The ones in last place, the ones I dominated for years. I'd go look at their roster and see it decimated by injuries and off years. Poor guy, I'd think. He should have known that those players were injury prone. He should have seen the down year coming. I prided myself on spotting those players and avoiding them. I considered it the secret to my success.

Oh how the mighty have fallen


Anonymous said...

I feel for you having a bad year this year. I have had them too. I am really sorry that our league is the one that you are last in. Because I hope that you are still having fun. But it always hurts when you are in last. Hopefully you can turn it around.

Cameron said...

I'm still enjoying it. It's a whole new thing to be in this position and try to figure out how to dig out of the hole.

The first few weeks (ok, the first month and a half) killed me. I've been around .500 since then, but I can't seem to get over the hump. Yesterday I lost by .5 points. Sheesh!

Cameron said...

My first three game win streak of the season just catapulted me out of last place!

Hurray for 7th!