Saturday, November 22, 2008


Okay, little brother. You got one. Good job, good game, good luck in the BCS. Here's hoping Urban Meyer doesn't give you the little brother treatment.

As for the rivalry little brother, this year hearkens back to 1988. You hadn't won in a long time, and you came out and hung a bad loss on us. But, in your euphoria this year kid bro, don't forget what happened in '89. 70 to 31, and it was 63-10 in the 4th quarter.

So enjoy it while it lasts kiddo. Cause next year's gonna hurt.


Anonymous said...

Little brother?? Have you looked at the all-time record between the two teams? How many BCS games have BYU gone to?

Cameron said...

It's clear how Utah feels about itself with respect to BYU. It's like playing your little brother in a pickup game in the backyard.

1988 was the first time in almost 20 years that Utah beat BYU. After that kind of streak, it doesn't really matter what happened in the 1920s.

How many Heisman's has Utah won? How many national championships?

Anonymous said...

89 was 20 years ago...are you one of those people that still think it's cool to wear your lettermans jacket too?

Cameron said...

Very nice Anon.

Even cooler is to wear the jacket while hanging out by the school rock after the big game. (Do they have rocks in Utah, or is that just an Idaho high school thing?)

Anyway, those that ignore history, anon, are doomed to repeat it.

Holly said...

Even though BYU lost they are so much more entertaining to watch than any Utah game. It wouldn't be a great rivalry if Utah didn't win sometimes.

pramahaphil said...

Did you know that next year is the 25th anniversary of BYU's National Title? An associate of mine was at BYU a little while ago and in the bookstore noticed there was a sizable section for 1984 championship memoribilia (sorry if misspelled, I'm not going to check it -- no not a U alum).

I wonder is the problem is ignoring the past by Utah, or living in the past by BYU.

Just a thought.

I am a militant U-fan, ironically due to sibling rivalry with an older brother who was a Y-fan. So maybe your right about the little brother issue, but little brothers do have a tendancy to outgrow big brothers and give big brothers a retrobutt-kicking.

Cameron said...

See, I was right about the little brother thing!

I'm actually a Utah graduate myself, though I grew up out of state as a BYU fan.

The little brother stuff comes from my impression of just about everything Utah does - not just football. The overriding theme on campus is "We're not BYU".

Most, if not all, of the Utah fans I've come across are Ute fans for the same reason.

Which is one reason why they have trouble with attendance. During their 2004 BCS season, they had Urban Meyer out practically begging for people to go to the games.

On the field, the rivalry has been even since the 70s-80s BYU glory days when Utah won just a handful of times. So in that respect, "little brother" Utah has grown up. But the Ute fan psyche is still very much the kid brother who remembers the beat downs of yesteryear.