Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Group Home Applicant to Sue if Eagle Mountain Doesn't Grant Approval April 7

As discussed here, Eagle Mountain is considering an application for a group home for substance abuse rehabilitation. The application was tabled at the last city council meeting, and is now scheduled to be reviewed again at the meeting on April 7th. In a Daily Herald news article, Gloria Boberg, executive director of The Ark of Eagle Mountain, threatened to sue the city if the application is not approved on that date.

I find the threat quite distasteful. I understand Ms. Boberg's frustration at the delay, particularly since this is not the first city to put numerous obstacles in the way of one of her homes. However, I think our city council is doing a great job of due diligence to ensure that the home will be everything it says it will be, and that any negative impact on the community will be mitigated.

Threats of legal action ahead of the council meeting do nothing to endear Ms. Boberg and her group home to the community. It simply will ensure that more angry residents will be at the April 7th meeting ready to speak out against the home.


Anonymous said...

Her advanced threat to sue suggests that she does not understand the media. To those who were undecided it is likely to make her look like the kind of neighbor they don't want to have.

Jamie said...

I agree! Also I think it would be better to put a home like this closer to the city.