Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your Utah Democratic Party

Sarah Palin announced her resignation as governor of Alaska recently. The specifics of her reasons for resigning are sketchy, though level headed observers intimate it's likely because she tired of the attacks on her family coupled with the time and money lost defending against frivolous lawsuits.

Of course, Utah's left leaning blogosphere punditry was quick to chime in with their commentary. Two of the most read Democratic blogs in the state were also the most...predictible.

"she’s sounds like a whore in church."

"she’ll run for Princess of America"

You stay classy now.


Anonymous said...


Be honest will ya? Here is the tweet by Utah Democratic Chair Wayne Holland, "Dem Chair Holland: Public service takes a toll on people. If Palin chooses to spend more time with her family, we fully respect that choice."

Most Liberal bloggers in Utah are so out of touch with what the real leadership is doing well. But I guess it gives you a reason to pretend that your Republicanism is still okay.

Remember, the bloggers tried to take over the Utah Dems only to discover that they are not all that.

Unfortunately, these jerks give you the fodder to use, but that doesn't mean you should lie about who the majority of Utah Democrats are.

Cameron said...

Good point Anon. However, when it comes to Sarah Palin, click on the highlighted word "predictible" and you'll read how Democrats of both official as well as the blogger variety behave. Including Chairman Holland.

One thing though. You write, "it gives you a reason to pretend that your Republicanism is still okay." You act like your opposing party is a leper or something. This is exactly why most people want nothing to do with politics. It also shows that you're not that much different than the liberal blogger brethren you look down your nose at. I suppose the reason I write posts like this one is because I almost became a Utah Democrat based on the lie that they were different. Unfortunately the more time I spend around Democrats the more pronounced that lie becomes.

Jason The said...

Anon: Wow, those are some party building words! Keep it up.

Cameron. Seriously, when did you become so sensitive? You've never attempted to be funny online and instead become offensive? Never? Ever?

Nothing more annoying than hand-wringing over etiquette on the internets.

It's like the kid in elementary school who loses the game, and then disputes every rule, ad naseum, never realizing that the rest of the class moved on to another game while they were complaining about the "unfairness."

Big Don said...

Do I even need to point out how stupid it is to take the words on a few blogs and call it "the Democratic Party"? Anonymous here is just as misinformed. Party leadership is working closely with several bloggers though none mentioned here in this post. I can't decide if I am more irritated that you have written such an absurd post, or that someone forwarded it to me and wasted my time with it. I'll get back on that. Until then, you sound pretty pathetic with the "Poor Sawah Everyone is So Mean to Her" jibe. She played on the biggest political stage and made an abject fool of herself. Fact. Now she's bowing out to cash in. Opinion, but I'm probably going to be proven right. I'd recommend to you that you either get off your high horse of victimization, or stop reading the blogs that offend you. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...


Cameron said...

This a nice place you've created for yourselves. You're free to say whatever you can dream up about a person, and then claim they're whiners when they defend themselves.

But even then you're still missing the point. I'm not defending Sarah Palin. I'm pointing out how off base all of you are in the sort of attacks you've made against her. Attacks which started the very moment she was announced as a candidate and didn't stop even after she lost. A whore in church? Princess of America? Really people? Some of you apparently need a misogyny check along with your spell check. Next thing you know you'll create a conspiracy theory that her son is actually her daughter's son and she hid it from the world for nine months. Oh, wait.

Liz Szilagyi said...

Hey, I'm super liberal (though I try my darnedest to stay near the middle), but growing up the D-word in Utah has pushed me farther to the left than I'd really like to be. Anyway, I wrote a post admiring Palin. And I really meant every word of it.

Drug Recovery Utah said...

Most the off-base attacks on Palin during the election had reciprocal ones against Obama. Suffice to say if you defend her because of those attacks, please defend Obama for those against him.

The well thought out attacks against were really that lacks any kind of political experience to have been VP. She was mainly picked to stir up and rally the Republican's base of the hardcore, evangelical Christians.

In many interviews and during debates, she failed to demonstrate using logic to put forth plans for the US. She is neither prepared to represent the US nor does she have the political know how to be an effective VP.

Cameron said...


Saying that Republicans did bad stuff too, and that there were some legitimate criticisms of Governor Palin does nothing to change the fact that the Democratic Party was deplorable in their treatment of her.