Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dueling Health Care Videos

The first video shows clips of President Obama and others explaining how a public option is the first step to getting rid of private health care. The second is a quick follow up from the White House's youtube page showing President Obama promising that if you like your current doctor and insurance, his plan won't take that away from you. What it doesn't explain are his past statements as shown in the first video, other than to say they were taken out of context, nor does it explain that while the government technically won't "force" you to use the public option, it is making it so that your employer just won't offer it to you anymore.


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Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to put together an Obama debates himself video like they did with Bush several years back.

The fact that the Dems like to ignore is that if there is a Free option (just like cash for clunkers) then people will opt for that over opting for the pay full price program. It will ultimately lead to "single payer" because that will be the only option left.