Thursday, July 26, 2007

This Day In History

July 26, 1947: President Harry Truman signs the National Securities Act, creating the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs.


Charles D said...

Truly a day that lives in infamy. A Department of Defense that has never defended; a Central Intelligence Agency that is neither central nor, it appears, is it very intelligent; a National Security Council that has managed to make our nation less secure; and the Joint Chiefs - hardly of benefit to either the military or the civilian government.

Next time you claim support for any of these organizations, remember that they were created by liberal Democrats.

Cameron said...

Is that anything like saying, next time you claim support for any liberal Democrat, remember that they were the ones that created the Department of Defense, the CIA, etc?

Charles D said...

Yes it is. Unfortunately the establishment figures in both political parties have very similar positions on the size and use of the military and the preservation of the national security state.

Any politician who does not take such a position is persona non grata in the media and in their party. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are good examples. In addition, it is virtually impossible to find any talking head on TV or any opinion page contributor who understands that the US cannot, need not and should not waste trillions on its military and use it to intervene around the world.