Thursday, September 27, 2007

Marion for Kirilenko? Um, Yeah

Andrei Kirilenko wants out of Utah. He thinks his style of play doesn't mesh well with Jazz coach Jerry Sloan's offense. He might be right. Really, though, he just wants to shoot more, and the Jazz already have a few more reliable scorers than he is, so all they want from Andrei is the slashing, defense, and blocked shots. Andrei is amazing at those things. That's how he became my favorite Jazz player. But last year he took a look around him at guys like Memo, Deron Williams, and Boozer, and he got jealous. He wanted to be the 20 point scorer. Note to Andrei: That's not why Jazz fans loved you.

Now Shawn Marion of the Phoenix Suns wants a trade too. He feels disrespected because he doesn't get the same pub that the other two stars of the team get, and because the Suns dared talk about trading him over the summer for Kevin Garnett. As in Kevin "One Of The Greatest Players of All Time" Garnett.

There had been rumors a few weeks ago of a Marion for Kirilenko trade, and now they are back in full force. Should the Jazz do it? Kirilenko was the bridge from the Stockton to Malone era, an All-Star in 2004, and a really exciting player. Like I said, he was my favorite Jazz player. Would I really trade him?

In a heartbeat.

Marion is a better scorer, rebounder, and on the ball defender. He blocks shots, gets steals, and can make a 3 pointer when called upon. He is every bit the athletic, slashing, exciting player that Andrei is, plus he's better.

This is a no-brainer. Do it Utah. Seriously, do it now.

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