Friday, September 28, 2007

On Cue, It Changed Again

Remember "What's Right Keeps Changing"?

Well, it happened again.

This time it's alcohol. It used to have "a number of health benefits", but new research shows that alcohol is linked to cancer.

Hopefully, in our rush to trust science, we didn't all just kill ourselves.


Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

I have to admit I heard this particular bit of news with a bit of skepticism. Light alcohol intake has, in study after study, been linked to healthier hearts, lower cholesterol, and other benefits. I wonder if the control variables in this study were off (I haven't seen the actual article or report, so I can't say), and they didn't claim a link where there is only a correlation. Also, I thought the results of the study - a 10% increase - were almost not worth reporting, even though we are dealing with cancer here.

Cameron, I honestly admit to befuddlement on this particular issue. Most dietary studies over the past quarter-century have ended up contradicting the previous five years' conventional wisdom each and every time, so one wonders if we aren't ending up in a situation where currents are crossing, and we aren't leaving out all sorts of variables and factors, studying a wonderful tree while missing the gorgeous forest around us, as it were.

Anyway, thanks for the blurb. It is confusing.

Cameron said...

"Compared with light drinkers — those who had less than one drink a day — women who had one or two drinks a day increased their risk of developing breast cancer by 10 percent. Women who had more than three drinks a day raised their risk by 30 percent."

I don't think those numbers are nothing. A 10 percent increase just by drinking one or two drinks a day.

The frustrating thing is that one or two drinks a day is pretty much what we were told was a good thing.

It is quite befuddling. It makes one take all these studies with a grain of salt.

Goat said...

Didn't you know living leads to death? Pretty simple if you ask me.

Goat said...

I am going to die and I have zero problem with that. The folks consumed with prolonging life by any means have no faith and revel in their narcissism.