Friday, May 16, 2008

Sandy Pride

Sandy is a city just south of Salt Lake City. Every year for the last 20+ years they have had a "Sandy Pride" day, which affords its citizens the opportunity to do service projects and city-wide cleanup. Tomorrow is the Sandy Pride day for 2008. Some of the activities scheduled include tree planting, edging headstones at the cemetary, removing trash from empty lots, repairing hiking trails, cleaning and repairing parks, painting houses, and a fundraiser for the prevention of child abuse.

The Salt Lake City Weekly is a free, weekly newspaper I frequently found scattered on the floor of buses, outside of classrooms, and under desks at the University of Utah. By sheer force of volume I read a number of issues - that is, until I realized the articles were written by these guys:

What does Sandy Pride Day have to do with City Weekly, you ask? Well, City Weekly has a blog, and this blog linked to a competing newspaper story (The Trib, so at least it wasn't whitebread icky Deseret News) about Sandy Pride. Now, City Weekly, being the serious journalists you see above, wrote the following:
Of course, Sandy pride is about pride in the bland sameness that is Sandy, not about queer diversity. But still! Wouldn't it be fun to show up and plant trees carrying rainbow flags?

Imagine the raised eyebrows that would cause! If anybody does this, please send photos.
Yes please, more photos like the one above. That is absolutely what is needed at the service projects painting the elderly's houses, fixing parks and trails, beautifying cemeteries, and raising money to prevent child abuse.


Ashlee said...

Come on Cameron! Where is your "queer pride"?

Montay said...

Just thought I stop in and give ya a qweer Ha aehhh Wazzz Up

Salt H2O said...

So SLCWeekly associates pride with being homosexual.

Great- first we loose the rainbow, now no one can have any sort of reference to pride with out the implications that homosexuality is involved.

J. Doug said...

What silliness. I am disappointed in them. I know a few of their staff members.

Sandy Pride is actually a wonderful event. Our stake has always participated and also other wards that I have lived in. This year the neighborhood adjacent to us painted a 1/2 mile strech of wood fences and it really brightened up the community.

The Gay Parade in SLC on Sundays is just silly.


I don't hate gays becuase I have a few really fun and good friends that are homosexual, and they would NEVER act like this.


Unknown said...

A very cool thing to do. I am so impressed with Sandy City and its preparations for disaster, emergencies and taking care of the city.

Jenalee said...

Hey Cam,

How about inviting me to see your family blog? Here all this time I thought we were pretty close friends, known each other 12 years, and I'm not invited?! What's up with that?