Monday, May 12, 2008

Stop The Presses, Jazz Owner Doesn't Watch Games on Sunday!!

This received some press last week leading up to Sunday's game, and it left me slightly amused at all the attention. But here's a pretty good interview with Jazz owner Larry Miller covering a range of topics and conducted while Miller drove around instead of watching the game:

On the next coach of the Jazz:
Miller says Sloan wants to coach for at least another season, maybe more. But when he does call it quits, longtime Jazz assistant Phil Johnson will get first crack at the job. That's written in stone.

If Johnson takes a pass, Miller is likely to make a run at John Stockton. They've discussed the job in the past, but Stockton's interest in the position -- or, more correctly, in coaching in the NBA -- has cooled. For now.
On when the Jazz will change their name:
"I'll change our name right after the Lakers change theirs,"
(The name "Jazz" came with the team when they moved to SL from New Orleans, just like how the name "Lakers" came to LA when the team moved from Minneapolis. What, you thought there were lots of lakes in Los Angeles?)

He doesn't listen on the radio either:
Miller could probably listen to the game without incurring the wrath of God. Same goes for watching it on TV. After all, there are actual Mormons at the game.

"I'm not trying to be holier than thou," he says. "I've got plenty of faults. But the radio … TV, we're talking shades of gray. It would be hard for me to compromise it."

Miller has a set of primo tickets for every game. He called five Mormon friends to see if they wanted his Game 4 seats.

"You going?" each one asked.

Miller said no.

"Then I'm not going."

Guilt. A powerful thing.


That One Guy said...

"Guilt. A powerful thing."

Kinda said a mouthful there, Cameron.

Guilt is the fuel on which all Christendom runs.

But maybe that's just me...


Cameron said...

I tend to think that Christ is the fuel on which all Christendom runs, and I don't recall Christ using guilt.

That One Guy said...

Yeah, it's all the people who came after Him that bug me, that's all.