Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Champ and Chump

Throughout his 8 gold medals, at times dominating and other times .01 seconds "how did that just happen" amazing, Michael Phelps has been everything you want an Olympic champion to be - gracious, humble and confident.

Usain Bolt, on the other hand, hammed it up before his race was even over,
"With a full seven strides to go, he dropped his arms and let them fall outstretched to his sides, appearing almost to run sideways as he played to the sold-out crowd of 91,000 at the Bird's Nest. Just before the finish line, he started high-stepping and, for good measure, executed a chest-thump."
A shameful, idiotic display of athletic arrogance. The man is fast, too bad he's also an Olympic-sized chump.


Anonymous said...

I watched the run by Usain Bolt - I don't think he was being arrogant, he was just being a 21 year old kid who was excited about having won the race.

Was he cocky? Probably.

Was he seeking attention? Absolutely.

Was he malicious or disparaging? I didn't see it that way.

Cameron said...

And Phelps is a 23 year old kid who did to the entire sport of swimming what Bolt did to the 100 meters - yet somehow found the maturity to be gracious about it.

Steve said...

You age a lot between 21 and 23. Plus, this is Bolt's first Olympics and not so for Phelps. Plus, Phelps comes from a nice middle-class family in Baltimore, not so for Bolt.
I think Bolt was cocky, even last night in the 200 meters he was, but he is the Michael Jordan of sprinting right now. Besides, Phelps will probably be back in 4 years, this will be the last 7 days you will see Bolt on tv.

Holly said...

Bolt had no humility, Phelps did. End of discussion.

J. Doug said...

Goodness, please stop the silly rave of Michael Phelps. How many endless times do we have to see Michael Phelps flex his swimmer pecs at the camera and yell like a cocky fanatic.
Bolt vs. Phelps is a silly arguement.

Cameron said...

Way to come strong, J Doug!

Dude, Phelps is The Man. He completely destroyed the competition, and his celebrations were authentic expressions of joy after he had actually won.

J. Doug said...

You, like (and I mean to generalize here) so many others, let your emtions clutter your vision when it comes to heros like Phelps. He is great, but so is our friend Bolt.
When you are the ping pong champion of the world in 2012 lets see what you do.

Cameron said...

I'm going to win 9 gold's in ping pong. But first, we need to recognize that it's called "Table Tennis". Ping pong is what you do in your basement, table tennis is what us Olympians do. And I'm dedicating every waking moment between now and 2012 to kicking some Chinese commie butt in table tennis. And then I will most definitely flex my table tennis pecks - but only after I've destroyed the commie competition.

Bolt is great. He ran really fast. But he's a cocky dufus for slowing up and showboating before the races were even over.

If this were baseball he'd get a fastball in the back the next time he came to bat. If it were football he'd get leveled by two guys 15 yards away from the play when he's not paying attention. If it was the WWE he'd get a chair broken over his back.

J. Doug said...

Blah, blah, blah.

Said with love,