Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Mr Obama


The Big Dog William said...

This troop makes a compelling case for his support of McCain but...

Because he doesn't acknowledge that the reasonings for the Iraq war were wrong and without an attack on 9/11, neither he nor the American public would have cared whether or not the Iraqi's were a Democracy. If Americans really cared about the fate of the Iraqi people we would have marched to Baghdad in 1991.

This logic that if you don't support the war then you cannot support the troops is just another attempt to define patriotism by the use of lapel pins and flag waving.

Cameron said...

Thanks for stopping by BDW - and an Eagle Mountain resident to boot. Welcome!

"neither he nor the American public would have cared whether or not the Iraqi's were a Democracy."

Not so. Official US policy was that of regime change - a policy enacted by President Clinton. Official world policy via the UN was that of forcing Saddam to make changes, and condemning his genocide.

neonprimetime said...

Keep informed about the Obama / ACORN voter fraud situation, is Obama trying to cheat or not?

Read up on the his relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers, is it real or fictional?

Read about how Obama's poker buddy Larry Walsh had his house raided by the FBI. Why?

Get the real totals of how much money Obama has received from Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac, is he really #2 of all members of congress?

How close of a friend was Obama to Tony Rezko, who by the way is going to jail for wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, and soliciting brides?

How could Obama, a man of change, pick a 30 year vet of the senate in Joe Biden as his running mate?

Does Obama really want a bigger government, and how is he gonna pay for all of it, especially if the economy is on the downturn?

Please study up on Obama before you cast your vote in November.