Saturday, September 13, 2008

Suck It, BYU Haters

After beating Washington on the road, BYU actually dropped in one poll. That was largely because pundits thought BYU should have beaten Washington by more than one point. "If BYU is so good, why did they barely squeak by a crummy Huskies team?" the line went.


How do you like me now?

And that strength of schedule "problem" the Cougars are supposed to have, playing in a "lesser" conference like the Mountain West? Well, the MWC went 4-0 against the supposedly superior Pac-10 today.

TCU 31 Stanford 14

New Mexico 36 Arizona 28

UNLV 23 #15 Arizona State 20


adamf said...

Utah fan my whole life, but I'm also pleased when the Y? is doing well too. They really creamed UCLA, and I'm looking forward to November. There's only room in the BCS for one of them though...

I have to admit I felt a little defensive when a Washington newspaper columnist referred to the Y as "Mormon Tabernacle Tech" ... sore loser!

Anonymous said...

Suck what?

Cameron said...

I watched some of the Washington game, and the announcer kept making backhanded insults about BYU and the MWC. Things like, "BYU is a good team, but a Pac-10 defensive line ought to get a good push on a MWC line." Yadda yadda yadda. That was before the game was really underway.

I have a feeling the Y and the U will both be undefeated when they play. But I'm not sure how good the U is just yet. They're only getting pub because they beat Michigan, but come on, Michigan stinks. They lost to the U at home, beat a really crummy team, and then lost to Notre Dame. A really bad Notre Dame that should have lost to San Diego State the week before.

Here's hoping they don't have another hiccup this year, because if those two teams are undefeated when they play, and after what has happened in those games the last couple of years, it'll be pandemonium.

And then I'll hit the net right after to buy the Cougs' BCS bowl game tickets.

Frank Staheli said...

I waited too long to get tickets, so I ended up taking my boys to a movie instead ("The Flyboys", which I HIGHLY recommend. Anyway, the movie got done at about 3:50 and the first play I heard thereafter on my car radio was the touchdown pass from Hall to Unga in the 3rd quarter. When Greg Wrubbel said that that put BYU up 49 to 0, I had to ask my kids if that's what he had just said...!

What a good feeling!!

Cameron said...

Indeed. I was in and out all day, and the first time I checked it was 7-0. Then I checked in a bit later and they'd scored 3 or 4 more times already. That second quarter was just piling it on.