Friday, October 03, 2008

Ads From The Debate

The ads using material from the debate last night are already out. Here's the first two that popped up on my youtube account:

First, from Obama,

And from McCain,


Jamie said...

That is one thing that has me nervous is Health Insurance. Personal Insurance SUCKS!! If PERSONAL Insurance was more affordable with the same benefits as those an employer offers then that would sure help the system. I was kicked off personal insurance when I was pregnant with Austin. Thank goodness our employer offers it now because my bills were over 8,000 dollars with all my problems~ I feel like the candidates aren't even on the same page when it comes to FACTS, before they can disagree about ISSUES, makes it real hard to understand

Cameron said...

Debates are little more than personality/popularity contests. It's all about "connecting" with Americans, being likable, and not making any huge mistakes.

That's why nothing too substantive is said, and why candidates can play fairly loose with facts.

Charles D said...

Seems that Biden sometimes lies about his positions on the issues. He probably does support so-called "clean coal" technology, even though not many energy companies are actually cleaning up the coal plants.

He flubs a defense of Obama's position which is that he will meet with our "enemies" without pre-conditions - which is not the same as without some actual preparation and assurance that there is a basis for dialog.

He does share an irrational and counterproductive "love" for Israel with Palin and McCain, but they're running for VP of the USA, not Israel.

Jamie is so right about health insurance. McCain will give you a $5,000 tax break so you can purchase insurance which costs around $10,000 per year and if your employer insists on paying part of the tab, he'll tax that as income. How this helps anyone other than insurance companies is beyond me.

Jamie is also right that we have two sets of facts in this country and our corporate media refuses to investigate which side is telling the truth, if either. They just report lies as equal to truth and it's no wonder Americans are confused. No wonder they lose interest in politics and decide based on personality and perkiness.

Jane said...

I thought Palin carried it off very well!

Jamie said...

Democracy lover you hit it on the dot, I think so many people are voting on the "Person" but not on what that person stands for. Another thing about the insurance is I wouldn't mind getting 5,000 for my insurance if they fixed the system, so it was more affordable with the same benefits of those that larger companies are able to provide, because a lot of small business's can't afford it for their employers. Three years ago while on Blue Cross Personal insurance we were paying over $380 a month for the premium, which only covered basics. My husband told me the other day we should have a universal health COST but not a universal health insurance, if we had that I fear it would only be for "basic" health problems. Maybe I am wrong