Friday, October 10, 2008

The Chicago Way

Editorial from John Kass at the Chicago Tribune
The Chicago Way is a road the Beltway media establishment dare not travel. It must frighten them. It conflicts with their fairy tale about Obama as reformer, and they're much too busy rummaging through garbage cans in Alaska to bother about Chicago's political alleys.

But any child in Illinois knows the Chicago Way leads through the most politically corrupt city in America, in a politically corrupt state, where muscle trumps reason, where Democratic warlords brazenly promote their offspring into public office, where even souls are offered up for sale.

The national media have never wanted to understand, much less expose, political corruption here, or examine how Obama prospered under the Daley machine's guidance. A trip down the Chicago Way would force them to re-examine their ridiculous narrative that sets Obama as a political reformer riding a white horse, or is that a winged unicorn?


Anonymous said...

Given a choice between Obama and McCain on the "reformer" label, I'd say Obama is at least a lot closer to it than McCain (Keating 5) and Palin (abuse of executive power, AIP). I do agree with you that this is a ridiculous narrative, though. Makes me wonder why you bothered to post it on your blog. Then I read a few more of your musings, and realized you were just desperate to find character flaw in a (gasp!) black man running for President.

We blacks are so much more acceptable when we sit back out of the spotlight, right?

Cameron said...

Wow. Wow.

I'd heard of the race card before, but until now I hadn't ever seen one first hand.

Thanks for the enlightenment Anon. I feel ever so more inclined to vote for Obama now.