Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Utes as National Champs

ESPN's Rick Reilly:
Some gifts people give are pointless: Styling mousse to Dick Vitale. An all-you-can-eat card to Kate Moss. The BCS Championship given to Oklahoma or Florida.

It means nothing because the BCS has no credibility. Florida? Oklahoma? Who cares? Utah is the national champion.

The End. Roll credits.

Argue with this, please. I beg you. Find me anybody else that went undefeated. Thirteen-and-zero. Beat four ranked teams. Went to the Deep South and seal-clubbed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. The same Alabama that was ranked No. 1 for five weeks. The same Alabama that went undefeated in the regular season. The same Alabama that Florida beat in order to get INTO the BCS Championship game in the first place.

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Frank Staheli said...

In my Pollyanna sort of way, I still hold out hope that Kyle and Urban will call each other and set up a charity event that can be be dubbed something like "The Real National College Football Championship."

Look at all the advertising revenue for somebody!!