Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boise St Got Hosed

You knew it was coming, and now that I've had a day or two to think it over, here are the final college football rankings:

AP Top 25

1. Florida (64) 13-1 1,624
2. Ohio State 12-1 1,492
3. LSU 11-2 1,452
4. USC 11-2 1,389
5. Boise State (1) 13-0 1,383
6. Louisville 12-1 1,338
7. Wisconsin 12-1 1,288
8. Michigan 11-2 1,145
9. Auburn 11-2 1,112
10. West Virginia 11-2 1,035
11. Oklahoma 11-3 933

USA Today Poll

1. Florida (63) 13-1 1,575
2. Ohio State 12-1 1,435
3. LSU 11-2 1,418
4. USC 11-2 1,345
5. Wisconsin 12-1 1,328
6. Boise State 13-0 1,275
7. Louisville 12-1 1,270
8. Auburn 11-2 1,119
9. Michigan 11-2 1,092
10. West Virginia 11-2 1,012
11. Oklahoma 11-3 849

BCS Standings

1. Ohio State
2. Florida
3. Michigan
4. LSU
5. USC
6. Louisville
7. Wisconsin
8. Boise State
9. Auburn
10. Oklahoma

You'll notice that every team on this list but one has at least one loss. Two top 5 teams have two losses. One team has none.

Florida won the "national championship" game, so I understand a vote for them. The rest of the top 5 is a mystery.

Who did Florida lose to? Auburn. Auburn is ranked in the top ten, so it appears to not be that bad of a loss. However, Auburn has two losses, but even more telling is that they played in the Cotton Bowl against an unranked Nebraska team with a 9-5 record and barely won 17-14. Not such a "good" loss anymore.

Ohio St at #2? After Michigan's spanking at the hands of USC I wondered if everyone hadn't overrated the Big Ten just a bit this year, and Ohio St's flop in the championship game proved it. On Ohio St's schedule this year: Northern Illinois, Cincinatti, Bowling Green, and the dregs of the now obviously overrated Big Ten: Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern, Michigan St, and Minnesota. Their "big win" this year was Michigan. Woopee.

LSU? 2 losses. Didn't even win their own conference. Now, the SEC is probably the best conference in the country, but LSU didn't even win their own division of the conference. They lost to Florida and Auburn. Auburn we've already discussed.

USC? 2 losses. I'm inclined to grant them a mulligan for the regular season ending loss to arch rival UCLA. Even though UCLA wasn't any good this year, funny things can happen in those rivalry games. But still, it's a loss. Now for the fun part. USC lost to Oregon St 33-31. Oregon St finished third in the Pac 10 with a 10-4 record and ranked 21/22 in the polls. They beat Missouri by one point in the Sun Bowl. OSU's four losses? UCLA, Washington St, California, and you guessed it Boise St. They lost 42-14. That Ian Johnson kid? Rushed for 240 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Boise St? Had wins against 3 ranked teams: Hawaii, Oregon St, and Oklahoma. Other quality wins include Utah (creamed them on the road), Wyoming, and Nevada (who lost by 1 point to Miami).

What does all this mean? Boise got hosed.


neonprimetime said...

I was very frustated when, after a solid victory over Arkansas, Wisconsin actually dropped in the polls! Terrible.

Cameron said...

That's true. Polls suck.

But like I said, the Big Ten is overrated. :-)

Ashlee said...

did you really expect the numbers to be any different? Why would they make an undefeated team rank #1? it's just Idaho.......

Cameron said...

Oh quit being a killjoy Ashlee! :) Of course I knew BSU wouldn't be ranked very high. The 5/6th ranking was about the best we could expect from the brain dead voter ranking system which guarantees the national champion will only come from a select number of conferences regardless of who they beat or who beats them.

Whew, good to get that off my chest...