Friday, January 05, 2007

Dear Sooner Nation

The following was in my inbox this morning...

Dear Commissioner Weiberg:

To describe the lapses in ordinary playcalling in the Fiesta Bowl
football game on Monday night as constituting an outrageous injustice is
an understatement. Since defensive preparation is a conference
responsibility as opposed to an individual institutional responsibility,
we must look to you to launch a vigorous effort to correct the

On behalf of the University of Oklahoma, I ask that you as Big 12
Commissioner take the following actions:

- First, seek an apology from Boise State's coaches for running grossly
unusual offensive plays without telling us what they were doing

- Second, since institutions, players, and coaches are held responsible
by conferences and the NCAA for their actions, those who executed the
plays should also be held responsible. At the very least, those found
responsible for lateraling the ball on the hook-and-ladder play and the
guy who hid the ball behind his back on the Statue of Liberty play in
the closing minutes of the game should be suspended from the NFL draft.

- Third, it is my understanding that Boise State has a rule that they
will only use legal plays in games with other teams in bowl games. In
light of what happened Monday, Oklahoma should request that Boise State
change its rule to assure they will only use plays that we know they are
going to use.

- Fourth, the Big 12 should request that the game should not go into the
record books as a win or loss by either team in light of the level of
sneakiness in Boise State's playbook.

- Fifth, the Big 12 should place on the appropriate agendas of NCAA
meetings and meetings of the conference commissioners a discussion of
how such "trick plays" should be executed.

Since the University of Oklahoma is required by conference sportsmanship
rules to limit their comments in situations like this, we must look to
you as the commissioner of the Big 12 Conference to vigorously demand
that our teams not be subjected to such underhanded tomfoolery and
creative chicanery on the gridiron.

It is truly sad and deeply disappointing that members of our football
team should be deprived of the outcome of the game that they deserved
because of an inexcusable breakdown in the Sooners' ability to stop
opponents from such uncalled-for nonsense as lateraling to another
player and hiding the ball behind their backs.

In closing, waaaaaaaaaaaah!

David L. Boren
President, The University of Oklahoma


That One Guy said...

"...underhanded tomfoolery and
creative chicanery on the gridiron."

I'm holding my belly with laughter... love it!!

Cameron said...

Thanks TOG, glad to spread a little joy.

Bubblehead said...

Seriously, do BSU fans think that the Broncos are the only team to use trick plays, or that they don't use them in the Big XII? If that's what you think, check out this video of this years Colorado-Nebraska game, and watch Nebraska's fake FG for a TD about 1:20 in. That play is weirder than anything BSU ran this season...

The Big XII was running weird fake plays (Nebraska's "guard around" Fumblerooski, for instance) when BSU was a junior college.

Cameron said...

Bubblehead, you must be a Sooner? :)

I realize of course that many teams use trick plays, even Big 12 teams. What was so cool about the BSU game was that they used so many with so little time left. Not to mention going for two and the win by using a Statue Of Liberty! play.

Bubblehead said...

No, actually I'm a 'Husker, so I hate Sooners. I was very glad to see BSU win.

Cameron said...

A Husker?!