Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Greatest Game Ever

Did you see it? Here you go:

Sports Illustrated

It was a great year for football. I thought we had already seen the best finish to a football game, but BSU's Fiesta Bowl is the most amazing game I have ever witnessed. There were so many ups and downs, I thought the game was over with the interception to put Oklahoma up with a minute to go. Then comes 4th and 18. Hook and ladder. Oklahoma's one possession TD in overtime. BSU's botched trick play. Then 4th and 2 from the 5 yard line, wide reciever direct snap thrown for a touchdown. Go for two instead of the safe conversion kick. The fake throw to the 3 bunched receiver set on the right sideline. Where did the ball go?! Ian Johnson off the left side untouched for the game winner.



neonprimetime said...

The first half of the Wisconsin / Arkansas game was pretty darn good, and then the 4th quarter got interesting again. That's the only game I watched though :-)

Bubblehead said...

Sorry, but it wasn't the greatest game ever. There were too many penalties and turnovers for that. Colege Football News calls it the 4th best bowl game ever, and that's about right. That being said, if OSU beats up on Florida as expected, there's no reason the voters shouldn't rank BSU #2 at the end of the year.

Cameron said...


Turnovers and poor play? Try one of the games ranked higher on your link.Ohio St.-Miami

Maurice Clarett had 47 yards rushing with a 2.0 average.

Craig Krenzel was 7-21 for 122 yards, threw two interceptions, and was sacked.

Ken Dorsey threw 2 interceptions and was sacked 4 times.

Willis McGahee had 67 yards rushing with a 3.3 average.

Miami fumbled 3 times.

I don't see how that was a better played game than this year's Fiesta, The Best Game Ever! :-)

If Florida beats Ohio St, as Michigan's blowout loss demonstrated is possible, then where does BSU rank?