Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boise St Broncos

Boise St starts their season tonight too.

Did you know they have the best record in college football since 2000? That their running back led the country in touchdowns last year? As a sophomore. That only a little over ten years ago they were still playing I-AA?

Did you know they played, and won, the greatest college football game ever?


Unknown said...

Oh, I have to beg to differ on the greatest football game in history. What about BYU vs. Miami -- killed 'em. What about the Holiday Bowl in 1984 that decided the National Championship. I could add a couple of others -- so we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Cameron said...

Don't worry, a BYU montage is coming soon.

But that BSU game last season? Holy cow, it was awesome. Beats any game I've ever seen. Beats any game I've ever heard of.

It was a true David and Goliath. They came back over and over and over again. Then to win with a hook and ladder, wide receiver option pass, and finally a statue of liberty play?!

That just can't be beat.

Ashlee said...

BSU is playing Weber State Cam. Be there.....or be SQUARE.

Ashlee said...

Did you watch the stomping last night? By half time Weber State should have just quit. They hadn't even scored and BSU was at 49 I believe.
GOod stuff! Go Broncos!

Goat said...

It was a great game and I was rooting for BS but greatest gane ever goes to Alabama's last Nat. Champ game against Miami, complete domination by an underated team.

Goat said...

Bama used those tricks many times in the old days of the Bear.