Thursday, December 04, 2008

Poorly Run Organizations...

Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily


Salt H2O said...

I'm getting tired of everyone picking on Ford, GM and Chrystler (probably because my husband works for Ford) All things considering they're doing 10 times more than Citi, AIG or anyone else on wallstreet that has gotten a handout- however they are not even asking for 1/10 of the amount.

Where is the transparency with the money headed to the financial markets? Oh that's right, they're big buddies with people in washington so who cares about a few hundred billion dollars when you've got the auto industry that feeds blue collar workers in the already depressed Detroit asking for millions.

-ok rant done.

Anonymous said...

Yes that makes perfect sense. Blame "evil liberal" Pelosi for responding to an unfortunate situation that the Republicans have lead us into. What logic! What cognitive abilities! What understanding of the conditions and dynamics of a national crisis!

There are many reasons to be frugal and consider carefully before dumping money on a problem, but I'm growing very tired of my fellow conservatives dumbing down the debate so often and so repeatedly that we cannot even understand our own party's complicity enough to ever move beyond it. This post only enforces our electoral losses, and does nothing to returning the Republican party to a position of power.

Thanks for that. Really.

Cameron said...

Salt, good rant. Particularly your point about financial industry honchos being buddies with Washington honchos.

That said, the Big 3 have been headed down this road for a long time. Their labor contracts stink, and their pension plans have been the elephant in the room for years now.

But what I think this cartoon shows is how asinine it is for Congress to look down their noses at anyone and tell them how to manage a business.

Which brings me to you, "Thinking Conservative". The labor contracts and pension deals which make up the majority of the current albatross on the US auto industry are hardly conservative principles. I doubt they're even Republican ideas.

But I have no interest in blaming Parties for anything. It just so happens that Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic Party control Congress, so when a criticism of Congress is made, then yes, the Speaker of the House will be included.

As I wrote to Salt, (who comments here relatively frequently, and whose blog I know and frequent myself) for Congress to lecture anyone on fiscal responsibility is beyond words to describe. A thinking person would understand that.

A thinking person would also realize that anonymously posting a diatribe like yours, after never having commented before and having zero knowledge of the person you're talking to, has no chance of making any impact whatsoever. So keep fighting the good fight TC, out there influencing your "fellow conservatives." You're doing a bang up job.

No really, you are. Seriously.