Monday, April 02, 2007

Iraq The Model Re: The Real Front in War on Terror

Excerpts from a recent post on Iraq The Model:

"When The Taliban regime in Afghanistan fell young men waited in lines to get a haircut and when Saddam fell barbers became targets."

My father offered this simple example during a discussion we had about war on terror the other day. Although the example is very simple but the idea behind it is deep and aims at identifying the change of the main battleground for war with terror.

I wanted to talk about this because recently we've been watching the debate in America about redeployment of troops and identifying the real front we must focus on.

I see that al-Qaeda and terrorists in general didn't hide their position in this respect—despite the fact that they still operate in many parts of the world, they are clearly redirecting most effort and resources to the war in Iraq.

An Islamic state in Iraq whether to be led by al-Qaeda or one of the local extreme religious parties would be an enormous threat to the security of the region and the world and a turning point that might encourage fence-sitters to join the terrorists…the tide would be much more difficult to stop then.


Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

You know, no disrespect to your father, but I have no idea what your opening means, or how it relates to what you may or may not be trying to say. Typing and writing are two distinct activities.

Cameron said...

The post, as indicated in the opening sentence and link, is an excerpt from a blog post written by two Iraqi brothers. The father in question is the father of the two brothers.

The two brothers, and their father, may or may not be typing and writing about the differences between Afghanistan and Iraq in the eyes of the extremist factions seeking control of a country.

It's an interesting post, as is the blog as a whole.