Friday, April 13, 2007

What Happened To My Sleepy, Small Town?

These sorts of things aren't supposed to happen in places like Twin Falls, Idaho:

In February an 18 year old kid stabbed his girlfriend. The following day he committed suicide after barricading himself in a local business surrounded by police and the SWAT team. At the time, he was on probation for stabbing his mother. The county juvenile prosecutor said the boy had a history of violence and alcoholism. Did I mention he had just turned 18?

Last fall, there were a string of robberies that appeared to be connected. Unfortunately, they ended when the thieves turned on one of their own and killed him. The four remaining thieves are now charged with shooting their partner in the face, chasing and shooting him as he ran away, and then dumping his body in the nearby mountains. Two of the four are a "couple". The woman cried at her arraignment, her boyfriend smiled.

In November, a man was shot and killed outside a bar. Validating my mother's claim that nothing good happens after midnight, the man was shot at around 2 am after a series of confrontations at at least two seperate bars. The altercation allegedly escalated until the accused pointed a gun at the victim, and then the victim grabbed the gun and pulled it to his face, asking, "what are you trying to prove".

Last month, the body of a woman was found under the Perrine Bridge. She had been stabbed multiple times and apparently dragged to the canyon edge and dumped. Police identified a suspect who had recently met the victim at a bar, interviewed him and searched his home where they found blood. Shortly afterwards, the suspect did not show up to work, and was found at his parent's home, an apparent victim of suicide.


neonprimetime said...

dude, crap like that is happening in my home town too now

and people don't like me saying it, but the reason is simple ... folks from milwaukee, of a different race are coming up here and selling drugs and picking fights

we've had multiple stabbings drug related in the past few months

we've had high speed car chases

we've had a murder

we've had large drug busts

all of which had ties to milwaukee

Cameron said...

I think much of the crime here is drug related as well. Specifically, meth has become a very large problem. In fact, just this past week there was a big drug bust in the area that included not only local police but also federal agents.

It's a growing problem that needs addressed.