Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Number 11

Who cares if my Final Four picks were a disaster? Who cares if my little sister beat me in our NCAA tournament bracket challenge?

I'm riding a three week stay in the BlogNetNews top 20 political blog rankings, and this week I've ascended all the way to #11.

So there.


Anonymous said...


I wonder if we will ever have a conservative blog with the kind of consistent ranking that JMBell and the Utah Amicus have - neither of them has ever missed a week in the rankings and they are generally among the top 3.

How is it that the BNN rankings in a conservative state like Utah are dominated by left-leaning bloggers?

Ashlee said...

That's right! Did you all read that?


No, I'm not gloating....

Cameron said...

Ashlee, you're totally gloating. You just lucked out that since you know nothing about basketball you simply picked all the higher seeds to win and for the first time ever all number 1 seeds made the Final Four. Next year, you're mine.



I kind of do this ranking thing tongue in cheek because I don't know how they come up with the rankings. I have no idea what "most influential" means.

As far as conservatives vs liberals on the list, it could be a function of there simply being more liberal bloggers in Utah - despite it being a conservative state. But there are some consistently ranked conservatives on there. Reach Upward is usually there I think, and Obligatory Anecdotes has been ranked pretty high for the last few weeks. Plus there's the Captains Spyglass that's always high too. I can't think of any others off the top of my head. I think you've been on there a bunch too.

Frank Staheli said...


If North Carolina would have beaten UCLA in the final, I would have been sitting pretty. As it turned out, I took 13th place out of about 30 people in our BYU OIT Engineering pool.

Oh well. Next year. I predict BYU to win the championship!!

...of the MWC that is... ;-)

Montay said...

Keep it up Cam top ten is yours!!!