Thursday, April 17, 2008

TED Talks: Hans Rosling & Emily Oster on AIDS & Poverty

TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design". It is an annual conference that brings speakers from those three areas together. They each give 18 minute talks. Many of these talks can be found for free on the website.

I found TED as I researched and wrote my "American Idol, Bono, and Africa" post from a week ago. I used one of their videos in that post. There are a few more that I have found that make a good follow up to that post, so I'm putting them here:

Hans Rosling has developed some pretty impressive data analyzing and presenting software, and used it in the following two speeches. The data shows some very interesting findings regarding poverty in the world.

Emily Oster is an economist, and in this talk she shows data which debunks most of the things we think we know about AIDS prevalence. Interestingly, just months after this presentation was given, the UN lowered its AIDS estimates.

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