Monday, April 28, 2008

Rockets Players = Bitter

Look at Me! I can Dribble!

Hmmmm... Who Is That Guy Again?

Oh, Yeah...

I'm a Rocket Fan!


That One Guy said...

great post!

"NBA: Where 'T-MAC can't advance' happens."


Cameron said...


I watch Tracy play and I can't help but think he should be so much better than he is. There are times when he just dominates, but then he completely disappears. He takes, and misses, dumb shots. He doesn't take advantage of his height and length. He gets pushed around. I don't get it.

That One Guy said...

yeah - not unlike Boozer, frankly.

Where HAS that dude been?

He's going to have to step up to the plate soon, or the Jazz is DONE.

Cameron said...

Too true. I actually thought Boozer would do this last year. He completely surprised me by stepping up in the playoffs last time.

This year, he's done the opposite. I figured him to continue to be the rock, and instead he's tanked so far. Where has his shot gone? At least he's still rebounding.

That One Guy said...

if the Jazz don't close it out tomorrow night, I fear we may be in for some trouble getting it done at all.

Then it's the Lakers. Lower-case yay.

if Boozer shot only half the time he has passed OUT of the paint, they'd already be resting up for the Laker gang-bangers.

Gotta hand it to Williams though. He seems to "get it."

Cameron said...

Yeah, even though we're up 3-1, this game is big for us. The longer it drags on, the more chance the Rockets have.

Boozer might just fare better against the Lakers. They don't really have the same interior defense the Rockets have. But then, neither do we. Booz just doesn't seem to like contact. He ought to get 25 a game with his quickness and touch. But noooooo.

Williams has that killer instinct. I love that dunk. And then go right back at it the next time down the court. Good stuff. And the guy can shoot!