Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Music Online

I love Christmas music. I've been listening online at work for some time now, mostly via local radio stations. But I recently found a website with worldwide Christmas-music-playing radio stations available online. So I've been listening to stations from all parts of this country, as well as from Europe and I couldn't be happier. While most stations play the classic standbys, it's been interesting to see the slight variations in playlists depending on the station.

Here's the website, for your listening pleasure. Now you can wow your coworkers by blasting your favorite seasonal music





Salt H2O said...

May I also suggest Pandora- go to and you create your own radio stations customized to your exact music likings. It's pretty amazing. I've got a number of christmas music stations.

Cameron said...

I forgot about Pandora. Thanks for the tip!