Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I'm on my way to vote in a few minutes. The only thing on my ballot this year is Referendum 1, the school voucher issue. As I've noted below, I'll be voting in favor of vouchers. Incidentally, Representative Urquhart gave this humble little blog a nice plug at his place, so thank you. All you new visitors, please come again.

Oh, and go vote.


Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

I see the voucher referendum lost in Utah. Very odd, all things considered.

Maybe you need to change the name of your blog? Or do you still consider yourself a "Magic Valley" kind of guy?

Cameron said...

Yeah, it lost pretty resoundingly.

I've thought about the name thing, but I think I'll leave it as it is. I've got a lot of roots in the Magic Valley, and that coupled with my Mormon beliefs and heritage kinda sums up who I am a bit.

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

I've lived in IL for eight years now, but I will always consider myself an upstate New Yorker. My roots in the area are deep, spreading south in to PA (on my father's side; my mom and her family are from OH). So, i understand completely. I will never think of myself as a Midwesterner, should I live here another fifty years.

By the way, Cameron, I sent you a note of gratitude on my site. I would appreciate it if you read it. No reply is necessary. I just want you to know . . . well, what it is I said.