Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rivalry Week

It's rivalry week in Utah, as BYU and Utah play this weekend. Today's sports radio talkshow had fans call in with their favorite jokes. Here's a sampling:

What do you get when you cross an Arkansas Razerback and a BYU Cougar?
Nothing. There are some things even a pig won't do.

What does a BYU co-ed do after she fills up the tub?
Turns on the water.

How is a BYU co-ed like a blow up doll?
Put a ring on her finger and she inflates.

Why isn't there any ice in the BYU cafeteria?
The only one on campus that knew the recipe graduated last year.

How do you know if you're a Cougar?
You eat ice cream and get a buzz.

What's the difference between a Ute and a dollar bill?
You can still get 4 quarters out of a dollar bill.

What does a Ute get on the SAT?

What do you get when you cross a Ute and a groundhog?
6 more weeks of bad football.

How do you keep the Utes out of your backyard?
Put up goalposts.

How do you get a Ute grad off your doorstep?
Pay for the pizza.

When OJ was running from the cops in the white bronco, why was he headed for the Utah campus?
Because nobody would look for a Heisman trophy winner at Utah.

Why has Utah never been able to have a nativity display?
After an extensive campus-wide search, they couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin.


Ashlee said...

That last one was BAD! This weekend is the big Boise vs. Hawaii game. Jaysen is all geared up for it. ;0) So, guess what we'll be doing at mom's house the day after Thanksgiving? Go Broncos!

Cameron said...

My father in law has told me that one for years. It always gets a laugh.

BSU already had its rivalry game last week, and they crushed Idaho. Sweet.

The Hawaii game should be awesome.

Salt H2O said...
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Salt H2O said...

You missed my favorite one!

What's the difference between a BYU coed and a U of U coed?

The BYU coed is looking for a husband, the U of U coed is looking for the father.