Friday, November 02, 2007

Voucher Debates

There have been some really good voucher debates around the state. Through the wonder of the internet, I don't have to actually be there to hear them, or be in a position to listen on the radio. I've listened to all of these debates, and it's been great. So without further ado, here they are:

Paul Mero and Rob Miller at Utah State University on KVNU

Rep. Greg Hughes and Richard Eyre against Pat Rusk and Rep. Sheryl Allen on KCPW

Carmen Snow against Rep. Steve Urquhart at Dixie College

These are the debates I have listened to so far, if there are others out there, please let me know and lend a link.


The Senate Site has a really good link page of op-eds, tv commercials, voter guide info, and newspaper articles. Check it out.


Holly said...

I voted YES to referendum 1 today!!

Lyndsey said...

Sorry Cam and Holl but I voted NO to referendum 1 on Tuesday. But I still love ya!!! :) jk

Cameron said...

You are now dead to me Lynds. Never darken my doorway again.