Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm Thankful For...

I'm thankful for my wife, Holly. There is nobody better.

Last year I wrote a Thanksgiving post. Go read it.

Today, KBYU replayed the BYU-Utah football game. We taped it, and I watched from about midway through the third quarter all the way to the all-time amazing ending. You can watch it in my previous post.

The Deseret News has a few articles with videos about the game today too. There's this one which has a video taken by a BYU fan in the stands using a camera phone and has the audio of a married couple talking and screaming through the final play. Then there's this one with the final call and in the background you can hear the stats guy screaming like a little girl. It was truly an amazing game, which makes the anticipation for this Saturday's rematch even bigger. That is what makes college football so great. The fans have something invested in the game, and the players are often fans themselves. Rivalries mean something.

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Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cameron, to you and your wife, and your whole family. I hope you didn't eat too much turkey.