Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dr. Henry Eyring

Geologists search for the meaning to be read into the piled-up strata of the earth much as an historian might turn the pages of an ancient, damaged manuscript. The astronomer seeks the answer to his questions in the depths of space. Still other men concentrate on the scriptures alone. The wise man searches of these and other sources, knowing that all are communications from the same divine source and certain that, if followed far enough, all will guide him back to the divine Presence.

- Dr. Henry Eyring


steve u. said...

That is exactly the point I stumbled to make in gospel doctrine Sunday.

Cameron said...

I found it in his book, The Faith of a Scientist. It's a great read, I'm just about done.

It's an important thing to remember, I think.

Ashlee said...

Hey! Mel has a blog! I set one up for her while she was here for Thanksgiving. it's go write her a comment!